Medical or Dental Care

To receive care, individuals must make an appointment with a patient services volunteer to assess eligibility prior to seeing a doctor. Eligibility interviews are conducted by appointment by calling the clinic’s main number at (281) 364-7889 during normal business hours.

You must bring identificationproof of income and proof of address to your eligibility interview (see below for further details).

New Patient To-Do List


  • Texas Driver’s License; or
  • Texas Identification card; or
  • Passport, Visa, or ID from another country


  • ID of parent or legal guardian and
  • Birth Certificate of minor child
  • 60 days of current consecutive paycheck stubs; or
  • Current year tax return; or (tax returns are not acceptable past April 15 of current year)
  • If self-employed or paid in cash, the patient must provide a signed notarized statement in English, indicating the amount earned for the last 60 days; or
  • If patient’s support is provided by another person, verification of that person’s income is required along with a written statement in English indicating they are responsible for all patients needs.
  • Utility bill; or
  • Lease agreement; or
  • Two pieces of valid mail in your name with current address

Please feel free to call (281) 364-7889 or contact us at for additional information.